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brainstark asked: "You do not like Freddie? ...or just his stans?"

It’s not that I don’t like Freddie, because I do! I think (especially in series two) he’s a brilliantly drawn character in many respects - brave, bright, single-minded. He’sthe nominal protagonist of the show, and it’s clear Abi Morgan loves writing him.

But here’s the rub: I just don’t buy Bel/Freddie?? And the trouble with that is because so much of Freddie’s existence is Bel it makes it kind of hard to root for him? One of the reasons he grew on me a lot in the first part of Series Two was that he’d gone off and had his own adventures and grown up a bit, for it, whereas in Series One he was just running around playing James Bond and mooning over his Moneypenny.

And yeah, the stans in the tag can get quite…enthusiastic about him and Bel and I’ve seen people calling others names just because they aren’t head over heels for him, and that rubs me up the wrong way. (This is by no means representative of The Hour fandom, Bel/Freddie shippers, and Freddie fans, in general. Most of you are A++++++ people.)

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  1. northernqueenshasmoved said: also if he is alive this will be the second time he’s come back and HOW REALISTIC IS THIS???!
  2. stardustings said: i love Freddie for his flaws, and i loved series 1 because of the way Bel & Freddie sort of fed off one another and relied on one another, but not necessarily in a good/healthy way. but i find them boring as an actual couple??
  3. usurpers said: THIS SPEAKS 2 ME bless you i feel the exact same about bel/freddie
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