you are not a bond girl.

AU Meme!!

Or fake film, or colours, or mixes, or whatever really I’m easy…


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I think we’re going to tear each other to shreds.

SOUNDTRACK » Milner/Carvel, Milner/The Assistant, 1974-1979.

one. meditative chaos, cristobal tapia de veer
two. count backwards, emika
three. nude (holy fuck remix), radiohead
four. colouring of pigeons, the knife in collaboration with mt. sims and planningtorock
five. blind (tv on the radio cover), the delta mirror
six. tender mercy, au palais
seven. in this world (lost frequencies bootleg), moby
eight. this is my last goodbye, former ghosts
nine. utopia finale, cristobal tapia de veer
ten. ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space (the different studios mix), spiritualized


With you, it’s much higher. Brain love. She loves your brain. 

With you, it’s much higher. Brain love. She loves your brain. 

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i honestly can’t describe why i like becky, i just DO. she just feels so real to me… like.. if i were in that situation, i’d react very similarly to the way she does.

YES. Becky’s very much “Bridget Jones; The Edge of Orwell” and I love that. That and her enunciation of “twat”.

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omgseriouslystfu asked: "Series 2 has only just started and i've already had enough of becky lol do you like her?"

This is a really interesting question! To the “fandom” (and I hesitate to call it that for a variety of reasons) Becky is a marmite figure. Everyone (including newspaper critics who, worryingly, rave about this series a lot more than the internet at large) loves Wilson and Ian and Grant. Which is totally fine; you’re supposed to root for them, and I do! But taking this series so far into account my favourite character is Milner, god forgive me, and in the show overall it’s Dugdale. 

But you’re asking about Becky! I like Becky, even though she ticks a lot of my “ugh” boxes. This is a girl with a death sentence hanging over her, remember, and it’s in the lap of a definitely-not-god when the axe falls. She is more aware of her mortality than her co-conspirators, and yet she has clearer lines in the sand than them. Sure, if you locked her in a room and told her to solve overpopulation she’d turn up empty, but she just knows Janus is wrong in the same way the viewer does; because ultimately she’s the proxy and (again ultimately) that’s the question the show asks the viewer: yeah, so, what’s your grand plan then smart arse?

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Even kings take selfies nowadays :)


Even kings take selfies nowadays :)

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Have you ever been in a genocide? I have. 

poehlerfey asked: "rumor has it it's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Haha technically my birthday was yesterday but I kept it on the ~down low. THANK YOU BOO. I need to get back to tumblring properly. I’ve just been slowly replacing all the liquid in my body with beer over the past week.

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That Monday double downer of updating my bio to say 21 and the brutal realisation that this website has seen me through my GCSEs, A Levels and nearly an undergraduate degree.

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Do you ever think about all of the really nice drunk girls you’ve met in bathrooms and wonder how they are doing? I miss you all